Monitoring system for adaptive flood risk management

The flood risk is determined by a large number of factors. Socio-economic changes and climate change are exerting a major impact on these factors. The uncertainties in the changes to each individual influencing factor and the risk development resulting from this pose a major challenge to risk management. New management strategies are required for the desired standard of security to continue to be upheld. Adaptive flood risk management is a strategy for adapting to climate change that enables uncertainties with regard to the future development of natural and human systems to be overcome. Putting adaptive flood risk management into practice first and foremost requires a monitoring system to be developed that monitors critical developments and informs users in good time about important changes in the system. Such a monitoring system that takes account of changes to risk, exposure and vulnerability does not yet currently exist. The goal of the project is thus to compile scientific studies on risk development, to capture important influencing factors, to develop a concept for a monitoring system and last but not least to conduct a review by means of a case study.